Program Information


REGISTRATION OPEN for 2020-2021 Synchro School classes


Our recreational programs provide fun, fitness, and encouragement for swimmers ages 7 and up

Swimmers that participate in our recreational programs will learn skills from Canada Artistic Swimming (formerly Synchro Canada)'s Star Program.  They will be learning synchronized swimming specific techniques and skills, working as a team and learning a routine.

Our coaches determine when a swimmer may be ready to move to one of our competitive programs.


PROVINCIAL STREAM - by invitation

After being assessed by our coaches a swimmer may be invited to join one of our competitive programs.  A competitive team is the next step up and is designed for swimmers who want to build their basic skills, work as a team, swim routines, and compete. Athletes need to be at least 8 years old to participate on a team. This program is suggested for those that have already accomplished  basic synchronized swimming skills. .

The first level of competitive synchronized swimming is the Provincial Stream.  Athletes work individually and as a team on achieving personal bests, they compete within the province.

Team structure in the Competitive Stream is based on age groupings, the age groups for this stream are: 10& Under, 11/12, 13-15, and 16-20

Athletes will participate on teams, duets, solos or a combination of above at the coach's discretion. The training hours depend on the age group and amount of routines.  In this stream they will work on  further developing the skills learned in the recreational program and on learning as many synchro specific skills as possible, including flexibility, strength, and speed development. Swimmers are encouraged to participate in gymnastics and dance outside of synchro practices.

The Provincial Stream 10& Under and 11/12 Beginner program starts in October.

Brenda's Team

Returning and those invited to try out for this team.


NATIONAL STREAM - by invitation

Swimmers are invited to this level as their skills progress and mature. This program is for those swimmers who want to compete at a National level and want to specialize in the sport of synchronized swimming.  

They typically have competed in the Provincial Stream before moving to National Stream.

Our National Stream Athletes will compete according to their age. The categories are 13-15, Junior and Senior. Swimmers are placed on teams according to their age and skill level. These athletes will be selected to swim on teams, solos, duets or a combination of these routines at the discretion of the coaches.

National Stream athletes have chosen to specialize in synchro, therefore the number of training hours are greater than for the Provincial Stream program.

Training Schedule

  • Pool training 
  • Land drill, stretching, and strength training
  • At home, elite swimmers should spend a 1/2 hour a day stretching and doing land drill for routines.
  • there may be specialist training such as dance and boot camps




Victoria Synchro Competitive Masters Program is for synchronized swimmers who are 19+ (by the end of 2021) who would like to continue swimming competitively

The Masters Program is starting in October 2020!