Our Mission:

Victoria Artistic Swimming supports and promotes the sport of artistic swimming by encouraging commitment, excellence, fair play, and fellowship among the club’s athletes, coaches and parents, and by inspiring each individual to reach their potential in a safe, secure and supportive environment.

Our Vision:

To provide athletes access to the training, coaching, facility, performance and competition experiences that inspire their pursuit of personal excellence in and out of the sport of artistic swimming.


Club’s Objectives:

  • To promote and showcase the sport of artistic swimming.
  • To provide a range of high-quality programs and opportunities for growth and performance for high performance, provincial stream, recreational and masters level athletes.
  • To offer a pathway for athletes to pursue personal excellence and achieve high performance training and competition by offering ongoing support, specialized training, and unique development opportunities.
  • To offer access to quality instruction and positive leaders and role models, including through highly qualified, dedicated and collaborative coaches.
  • To deliver excellence in coaching and training opportunities within an exceptional high-performance facility.
  • To give athletes opportunity for fitness, fun, friendship, and travel.
  • To emphasize family involvement
  • To foster athletes' growth and wellbeing through ongoing opportunities for improvement, accomplishment, leadership, teamwork, mutual respect and the development of confidence and self-esteem.