Volunteer Commitment

Applicable to: National Stream Regular Training Provincial Stream - Development Program Provincial Stream - Experienced Program National Stream Avery BD

Families of competitive athletes (Provincial & National Streams) are expected to volunteer each season.

«  Each season, every competitive athlete’s family is required to volunteer to earn a minimum of 10 points or pay a $200 Volunteer Fee (charged to your club account at the end of the season (June 30, 2024)

«  families (including athletes, extended family & friends) have the opportunity to earn volunteer points during the season

«  each point is worth $20

«  if 10 points are earned during the season congratulations and thank you!   You will not be charged the Volunteer Fee

«  If a family has fulfilled part of their points, the charge will be prorated at a rate of $20 per volunteer point not earned or reported. (charged to your club account at the end of the season (June 30, 2024)

Reporting Volunteer Hours

It is your responsibility to email your volunteer time to our volunteer coordinator.   Please note the importance of reporting your volunteer hours accurately!

VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR:  Jennifer      Email: jennifervicsynchro@gmail.com