Parent / Guardian / Swimmer Agreement and Waiver

Applicable to: Summer Training PS 13-15, 11/12, 10U Spring Break Camp Session 2 AquaGo National Stream Regular Training Spring Break Camp 2024 Artistic Swim School AquaGO Artistic Swim Kids - Monday Olympic Dreams Artistic Swim Kids -Tuesday Beginner Camp week of Aug 14th Summer Training NS & PS 16-20 Beginner Camp week of Aug 21st Artistic Swim Kids - Friday National Stream Custom Exchange training National Stream Senior Mara Beginner Camp week of Aug 28th National Stream Custom K Artistic Swim Kids Mon session 2 Provincial Stream - Development Program National Stream Senior Liz Artistic Swim Kids Tue session 2 Provincial Stream - Experienced Program Artistic Swimming for Teens Artistic Swim Kids Fri session 2 Provincial Stream 16-20 Custom National Stream Senior Alyssa National Stream Avery BD AquaGo Session 2 Artistic Swim Kids Tuesdays session 2 Artistic Swim Kids Thursdays session 2 National Stream custom SR

I AM THE PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN of the swimmer in this application OR I AM THE SWIMMER over age 19 years in this application, I certify to Victoria Artistic Swimming (the “club”) that all of the information provided in the application is true and complete and, if this application is accepted by the club:

1.      I PROMISE TO OBSERVE the rules and regulations of the club and ensure the swimmer does the same

2.      I AGREE WITH THE CLUB TO PAY the swimmer’s club fees, CAS (Canadian Artistic Swimming) fees, BCAS (BC Artistic Swimming) fees, fundraising assessments and all other applicable costs of the swimmer’s participation including (but not necessarily limited to) travel costs, meet fees, wardrobe and equipment costs.

3.      I ACKNOWLEDGE that the swimmer will not be allowed to compete unless all club fees and assessments are paid in full at least 2 weeks prior to every competition.

4.      I HEREBY GIVE PERMISSION AND AUTHORIZATION to Victoria Artistic Swimming, its administrators, coaches and/or designated chaperone(s) to provide general supervision and authorization for any medical treatment they deem necessary and/or reasonable while the swimmer is competing outside the Greater Victoria area of the province of British Columbia.

5.      I AND/OR THE SWIMMER HEREBY RELEASE THE CLUB from any claim that I or the swimmer may have, against the club, as a result of any injury (including death) to myself or the swimmer, or the loss of damage to our property whether or not caused by the negligence of the club.