Code of Conduct

Applicable to: Summer Training PS 13-15, 11/12, 10U Spring Break Camp Session 2 AquaGo National Stream Regular Training Spring Break Camp 2024 Artistic Swim School AquaGO Artistic Swim Kids - Monday Olympic Dreams Artistic Swim Kids -Tuesday Beginner Camp week of Aug 14th Summer Training NS & PS 16-20 Beginner Camp week of Aug 21st Artistic Swim Kids - Friday National Stream Custom Exchange training National Stream Senior Mara Beginner Camp week of Aug 28th National Stream Custom K Artistic Swim Kids Mon session 2 Provincial Stream - Development Program National Stream Senior Liz Artistic Swim Kids Tue session 2 Provincial Stream - Experienced Program Artistic Swimming for Teens Artistic Swim Kids Fri session 2 Provincial Stream 16-20 Custom National Stream Senior Alyssa National Stream Avery BD AquaGo Session 2 Artistic Swim Kids Tuesdays session 2 Artistic Swim Kids Thursdays session 2 National Stream custom SR



  1. Strive for personal and team achievement through complete, consistent and sincere effort;
  2. Show respect for themselves and for all others;
  3. Contribute to a positive team culture by providing positive and constructive comments to teammates that motivate and encourage continued effort;
  4. Recognize that any bullying behaviour will not be tolerated and let their coach or a person in leadership know immediately if they have witnessed bullying behaviour or have been the victim of bullying;
  5. Immediately report to their coach any health or medical issue that may prevent or limit their ability to train, travel or compete;
  6. Only participate in competitions for which they are eligible to compete;
  7. Arrive for practice, competition, selections or other club activities on time, with all appropriate gear, well-nourished and prepared to the best of their ability;
  8. Conduct themselves in a sporting manner, whether as competitors or spectators and not tolerate anyone among them who does not;
  9. Comply with club rules and requirements regarding clothing, equipment, training, travel, competition and curfew.


  1. Never ridicule an athlete for making a mistake during a performance or practice and provide positive comments that motivate and encourage all athletes’ continued effort;
  2. Respect the decisions and judgments of officials and encourage athletes to do the same;
  3. Respect and show appreciation to all competitors and to the coaches, officials, meet managers and volunteers and other Artistic Swimming participants who give their time to the sport of Artistic Swimming;
  4. Keep off the pool deck unless invited and do not interfere with training, competitions, coaching or judging;
  5. Refrain from the use of bad language, and do not interfere with events or harass competitors, coaches, officials, meet managers, volunteers or other parents or spectators.